What To Expect On Your First Visit​

Chiropractor Greenville South Carolina Generation Chiropractic
Consultation and 
Neurological Assessment
The team at Generation Chiropractic will sit down with you in order to get a clear picture of your health concerns and goals. We will take a detailed history in order to determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care. 

The second step is to use our NASA certified technology to get an impression of the state of your nervous system. This will show us where there is nerve interference and help guide our doctors in establishing the best plan of care for you. 
Generation Chiropractic Greenville South Carolina
Postural X-rays
Based on your consultation and neurological assessment
our doctors  will determine if chiropractic postural x-rays are necessary. If x-rays are needed, we will take them in our digital x-ray suite. 
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